Walk your own path

Any practice worth following, or avoiding, has a name. And you usually can’t tell from the name whether it is a follow or avoid practice.

Names are merely formalisations of a set of rules intended to maintain the integrity of an opinionated approach. And they borrow and steal from each other as necessary to get to better approaches, and usually with worse names. But don’t think you have to choose from an existing named all-in solution or methodology. Instead, retain the vision that you are creating something new.

To others you may be walking a well-trodden path, heading towards the same pitfalls and learning challenges as everybody before you. They will helpfully evangelise the name of an industry-recognised solution which will get you to their current place.

Ignore their harpy call. Your path only might be the one they recognise. You may in fact be destined to take a better path, to a better place.

And there’s only one way to find out.

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