Always learning

I am starting this blog, as a place to host my thoughts and opinions. I have many of both.

After coding for 35 years I know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to software development. Yet.

Will I live to see it, or even help to create it? If so then I must be always learning.

And thinking.

And planning.

And experimenting.

And recording the things that don’t work. Yet.

It’s all very scientific really. And that’s perhaps why I still love it.

I dare say that once the one true solution is found I will certainly not want it to become my job to implement it day after day.

But I very much doubt that time will come. So I can continue my quest, safe in the knowledge it will never end.


I shall now record my thoughts and opinions. If you read any of them then please bear in mind that I only think I am right as of today. And we have to be wrong to be corrected. And that any opinion is better than no opinion. So go easy on me – I am seeking enlightenment, NOT a flame war.

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