For a long time I have been reluctant to publish to npm. This is for a number of reasons: My code is not polished enough. I don’t consider my solutions to be desirable enough for others to use. I don’t fancy the responsibility of maintaining a package once people are dependent on it. I thought […]

Entity Framework “fixing up”

I am relatively new to the EF stable. I don’t know it’s best bits. I haven’t got years of tried and tested experience under my belt. But really, what the hell is this “fixing up” feature? I have turned off change tracking, and it still bloats my carefully crafted eagerly-loaded – yet selective – queries. […]

Walk your own path

Any practice worth following, or avoiding, has a name. And you usually can’t tell from the name whether it is a follow or avoid practice. Names are merely formalisations of a set of rules intended to maintain the integrity of an opinionated approach. And they borrow and steal from each other as necessary to get […]

Lazy loading

ANTI-PATTERN! Lazy loading = lazy thinking.   This is a design (noun) in the absence of design (verb). Do you know how your entities will be used? Can you be specific about the properties that will be required? Have you got a design? If so then you don’t need lazy loading – you need each […]

Always learning

I am starting this blog, as a place to host my thoughts and opinions. I have many of both. After coding for 35 years I know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to software development. Yet. Will I live to see it, or even help to create it? If so then I must be always […]